Portable Multifunctional Air Conditioner With USB
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Portable Multifunctional Air Conditioner With USB


Cool down the hot summer days thanks to the exclusive portable air conditioner. Compact and powerful, the AC is specifically designed to keep you cooled and refreshed all day every day!

Built To Last Longer

You can use it as a personal air conditioner, humidifier, air purifier and an aroma diffuser.

Charge It Easily Via USB Plug

Enjoy the cooling goodness of the AC wherever you go!

Portable & Compact

The personal air conditioner has a cordless and hand strap design – perfect to carry and storage.

The USB port can be used with adapters, mobile power sources, computers, vehicle chargers, and other devices.

You can use it in your home, workplace, as well as on outdoor picnics and camping trips.

Energy saving and low noise

The indoor air conditioner can work effectively while maintaining low noise levels. The powerful power supply and conversion circuit minimizes losses, reduces electricity bills and protects the environment.

With 3 adjustable wind speeds, you can choose the one that suits you according to different scenes.

You can also adjust wind direction into vertical rotation if you need for various occasions.

improved Design and fast cooling

The improved air conditioner is not only made smaller to help portability, but is also engineered to be more powerful.

Just pour some ice water into the water tank, turn on the portable ac air conditioner, and it will cool the hot air around you in a matter of seconds!

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